Lost in the Woods

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vids 2

Once again I have slacked loading videos to YouTube and then to the blog.  So here are some more for you to enjoy!

Playing the Uke for Logan.

Just Dallin and I being awesome. Haha.

So close to rolling!

This boy loves the bath! 

The beginnings of giggles.

Tummy time is hard work. Haha.

Singing with MoTab.

Therapy Time

Therapy.  Man did that make me nervous.  I don't know why. Maybe because I felt like I was terrible for letting Logan lay on his back so much.  Or I was terrible for not doing more to keep him from looking to the left...Either way, I was nervous what they were going to say.  I have some friends who have had kids in helmets, and it isn't the worst thing ever, but I was sure hoping to avoid it.  Below is the pic I took of his head the day before his first appointment.  

It's pretty bad...

Our physical therapist was Caitlyn Woolf.  She is awesome.  She was so sweet and helpful and encouraging.  She asked a bunch of questions and then did some evaluating of Logan.  

Checking for Torticollis
The first thing Caitlyn checked for was torticollis.  I didn't know what this was until our appointment, but it is a tightening of the neck muscles on one side which leads to a tilted head.  Fortunately Logan, had it only slightly and only sometimes.  He could hold his head straight if he wanted to, but in certain positions it was slightly tilted.

Such a cutie!
She also did some stretches with him and he did not like that very much.  He wasn't crying, but he fought her on it. Haha.  He kept trying to look away or pull away and not let her stretch him to the right.  It was very clear he preferred the left. ;)

By the end of the appointment Logan was getting quite tired.  He was not thrilled to have his head measured.  Poor kid.

Thank goodness for the binky!

After all was said and done, he had slight torticollis and a very bad flat spot.  They rate anomalies in head shape on a scale where 1-3 is normal, 4-8 is moderate and anything above 8 is severe.  Logan's measured at a 12. So it was pretty bad.  Fortunately, other than the flatness, there was hardly any asymmetries in his face.  He did have a slight bulge in his forehead above the left eye and his left ear was pushed forward, but other than that he was great.  The therapist gave us stretches and activities to do with him to loosen his neck, get him to look right, and to keep him off his head.  I was so grateful!  I knew there had to be something we could do, but I just didn't know WHAT to do.  With some direction I felt ready to work!

This picture isn't very good, but after just two weeks, we saw a
big improvement!
At Logan's second appointment the therapist was incredibly impressed!  Logan and I had worked hard and it had paid off!  He went from a rating of 12 (severe) to 8 (moderate).  In just two weeks!  It was awesome!  He was turning to the right on his own much more often and Caitlyn said she didn't see any torticollis.  I was overjoyed!

Looking to the right without being turned!

Because our home routine had been going so well, we decided to cancel our appointments since it wasn't therapy that he needed but mostly just time spent off of his head.  We have another appointment tomorrow and we will see how things have gone over the past month.  I have noticed that the progress has slowed down, but it still is looking so much better!  Please bless we get good news!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hoogle Zoogle

I met Carissa and her babies, my mom, and Kathryn at Hoogle Zoo.  It was lots of fun!  I really am looking forward to doing all of these things again when Logan is actually aware of what's going on.  Haha.  I think he enjoyed himself, but I think he will lots more when he realizes that there are animals to see and things to do!  I hadn't been to the zoo since I was 8 weeks pregnant with him and they have done quite a bit of updating and enhancing of some different areas.  It looks awesome!  

Ready to go explore!

This baby orangutan was the highlight of the trip!  The cutest bald
 little thing!!

Harv helping us find the bear ;

Friday, May 6, 2016


When we went to Logan's 4 month appointment the doctor was quite worried about Logan's weight gain...or I guess, lack thereof.  He had pretty much stayed at 14 lbs for two months.  Which honestly is pretty crazy.  My first thoughts were that he had lost some weight because of his sickness.  I think that is partially true, but still not very good.

 I don't think our doctor is very "pro breastfeeding," which is fine, so he naturally jumped to adding formula to every feeding.  I'm certainly not against formula.  I believe in the motto "a fed baby is best."  That being said, I have a real love for nursing.  I really feel like it is such a special time between Logan and me.  Just us two.  It's quite beautiful.  I had just begun to feel like we were starting to get into a good routine.  We had a good schedule, he was sleeping through the night, and I could almost always tell what he needed when he cried.  This news that I needed to supplement hit me like a freight train.  I all of a sudden started having these feelings of doubt and insecurity.  Thinking that maybe I had unintentionally been starving my baby, or that I obviously had no idea what he needed.  I was able to keep my composure while at the doctor's office, but when I called Dallin I just started bawling.  I just couldn't stop.  I felt like a failure of a mom, which is silly.  And I kept telling myself it was fine and I needed to calm down, but that seemed to make it worse.  I would have mini melt downs for the next week at least.  It was rough for me.  

So supplementing began.  It was slightly unfortunate that I had just barely like 4 days before given away approximately 35oz of milk I had saved in the freezer to a very good friend who was in desperate need of some.  It was fortunate though that I had just barely got 2 boxes of formula samples in the mail so we didn't need to get any.  Logan hated formula at first.  He would cry and spit it out.  So sad.  Eventually though I did get him to take a formula bottle and ever since then he does just fine.  I think he prefers breastmilk, but he'll take formula if we need him to.

The doctor told us to nurse him and then feed him a bottle until he was full. After which  I would pump to try and increase my supply.  When we would give Logan a bottle he would just eat and eat.  I would nurse him and he would eat 5 more ounces.  Every time we fed him.  It was kind of crazy.  A couple of days into this routine we started noticing that he was more fussy and he was spitting up all the time.  Now as I mentioned before, this whole supplementing thing threw me for a loop.  I was all sorts of a mess, and I am quite sure it started to throw off everything else.  Dallin could tell things were weird, Logan could tell.  It was awful.  Logan's schedule got all messed up too.  He stopped sleeping through the night (which was actually ok because it helped to bring my supply up and he was getting extra calories) and that led to me being more exhausted.  Anywho, lots of tears were shed and it was an emotional roller-coaster for us all.

We cut back on the formula to just an extra 2oz after I nursed him and that seemed to help with the spitting up and fussiness.  I started doing everything I could to increase my supply.  I started eating oatmeal every morning, I started taking Fenugreek, I drank more water and ate more, and I pumped after every nursing for at least 10 minutes.  I didn't notice a change in my supply at first, but gradually I started pumping more at night and it seemed like he was much more content after feedings.  Eventually I had pumped enough to start using breastmilk to supplement with instead of formula.

And then one day I decided to not stress about it anymore.  I stopped having these emotional breakdowns and I started just trying to focus on keeping Logan happy and healthy.  That made a world of difference!  He gained weight like a champ and he's still going strong!  I don't supplement at all during the day, unless for some reason he is really freaking out because of hunger.  Before bed I nurse him and then after he is all ready and in his pj's we give him a bottle with about 3 oz to top him off before sleep, and then I will nurse him once or twice during the night when he wakes up for them.

Everything is much better.  Minus the getting up at the night haha.  He's gaining well, we have found a good routine again, and I feel like we are back to understanding each other.  I think sometimes doctors mean well, and I do agree that supplementing was right for us at the time, but other times I think a mother should trust her heart and feelings!  We moms know our babies best! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Grizzly Game

Logan and Dallin went to their first Grizzlies game.  It was pretty fun!  Logan wasn't a huge fan of all the loud noises.  He didn't cry, but wasn't all too happy haha.  We ended up leaving before the third quarter because it was already way past Logan's bedtime and he was beyond ready for some sleep.  Next time we'll either wait until he's older, or get a babysitter ;)  But it was fun, and we plan to go again sometime!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tulip Festival 2016

Dallin and I love the Tulip festival!  We had been planning to go this year, but with his new work, school, and all of those lovely things, it just wasn't working out.  Luckily my Mom and sisters invited me to tag along with them!  My aunt Shirley was also there with us.  Boy am I glad I went!  It was just beautiful!  Logan did well!  He just hung out in the carrier and looked around/slept the whole time.

Feast your eyes on the beauty!

Milk break :)

The whole gang!

These flowers smelled spicy and I just had to get a wiff. Haha

Monday, May 2, 2016

Five Months

Holy Moly.  I'm back dating this by basically a month.  I've been a slacker factory over here.  At least I'm getting to it though...am I right?  Haha.

So 5 months!  Where has the time gone!  Because I didn't post this when he actually turned 5 months, it will probably not be so descriptive as I've forgotten some things and he is doing so many new things now as well.  I will share lots of good pics though. :)

Playing with cousin Greta.

At a PT appointment

He LOVES to be outside!

Logan has started to use his hands so much more!  He began transferring objects between hands this month and it is so cool to watch him play with toys now.  Everything is a great discovery!  He has also begun to clasp his hands.  It really is the cutest!  Just sits and holds his hands all proper like.

That smile makes my whole world!

Every month I think I say that I feel like teeth are coming and every month, they don't.  Haha.  Gnawing has been a big thing this month.  All things go to the mouth.  His favorite to gnaw is his fist.  The whole thing.  I must say he is quite good at getting it all into his little mouth!

He continues to keep finding his voice and discovering new sounds he can make.  He loves to talk and is starting to squeal.  It's so funny.  I like to squeal back at him and then we have this whole squeal conversation.  Sometimes in the morning I think he kind of forgets how to, but when I start to squeal and squawk at him he picks it right up and plays along.

So much to see when we face out! 
He's getting so big!
I wish I could remember more details of his fifth month of life, but sadly, my mind is on the sixth.  He is still a wonderful happy baby.  He weighed in at 15.5 lbs and is 27" long.  Growing well and developing just like he should!  We love our Logy Bear!

I forgot, this month, spitting was the big thing. :)

And here are just some random pics from the month!

Precious precious babe!

Our little family!

We got to play with Marshall one day.

Walks are the best.

Mesmerized by Dad's Minecraft game haha.

We got some new sunnies!

He makes them look good ;)