Friday, April 15, 2016

March Madness

March has come and gone, but yet again it was a good month for our little family.

Logan turned 3 months old to start the month off!  We didn't really do anything to celebrate except note that he was officially 3 months old haha.

The weather started to improve and we went on several walks and also to the Davis High track.  It's so nice to be able to get outside now!  Especially since I need to really start training for the Ogden Marathon Relay!  Pray that I can get my butt in gear pretty quick! Haha.  Carissa gave us her old jogging stroller and we LOVE it!  It's so nice and works great for our little jogs.

Our first walk!
walking the track
That's Dallin way off in the distance running :)

On March 6, my best friend Jessica had her sweet baby boy!  (And Logan's future bff)  Dallin and I were able to go over and meet him and give our congrats to their cute family.  He is so adorable and it really is the greatest to be having babies with your best friend!  His name is Marshall Rex and he was the tiniest little thing!  It's so weird to think that Logan was once a wee babe like that.  Weird.

Logan and Marshall

Also this month Carissa and Tanner came home to Utah!!  It was a blessed day!  Unfortunately Tanner isn't "officially" here for another month or so, but I am so ridiculously happy to have them back!  North Dakota was very inconvenient for play dates and mountain days. :)  We met up with them to help them unload the trailer and pack up their storage unit.  And we also got to meet sweet Greta girl.  She is too precious!  Already we have done lots with them and it has been wonderful!

Dallin holding little G

So much fun at the storage shed.

Playing with Aunty Carissa

Logan and Tanner

Love having babies with my seester!

Me and Baby Greta.

Dallin has made some big changes with his lifestyle this month!  He has started the Keto diet and has been really working hard to get some weight off and just be healthier.  He has been doing AMAZING!  For real.  I'm so proud of him for working so hard to be a healthy and happy daddy to our cute boy.  He is an inspiration to us all.

Meal prepping

Looks delicious!
Logan got sick this month which was NOT fun.  At least now I sort of now how to handle it. Haha.  He was pretty sick for about 2 weeks, but then it was just sort of gone.  I've heard that about sickness in babies.  That it hits hard and fast and is gone just as quickly.  I am just glad it's over with.  I like having a healthy baby. :)

Sweetest little sicky head.

Dallin is offically a quarter of a century.  That's right.  He turned the big 2 5 this month.  I can't believe it!  He's getting old. Hehe.  He got some pretty cool stuff for his birthday, but I think his most favorite gift was his bowling ball!  He has been wanting to go bowling ever since and we just haven't had the time!  His ball is awesome.  Probably not as cool as mine, because his does not smell like a grape sucker.  Haha.  Nah.  It is really cool!  Happy birthday to Dallin!

It's a tad blurry, but you can see how excited he is :)

Choosing a ball

And this is the beauty he chose!

We had my mom come up to babysit for us one night and Dallin and I went on our first real date since Logan had been born!  It was glorious!  I love us, and just being together.  It was so great.  We went to the Habit Burger which was sooooo good!  Afterwards, we went to H&M and did a little shopping and then we headed to the Kaysville theater to watch "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."  Everything about the night was just perfect!  The food, the movie, the company.  We will definitely be needing to do that again.  And not in another 4 months. Haha.

He loved it. Don't let the face fool you.  haha

So bright!

That's better ;)

Yay for moooovies!

Logan can really hold his head up now and so we invested in a little seat for him.  We got the Summer Infant 3 in 1.  I think he really loves being able to look around at everything from a new perspective.  It's really been helping with his head shape as well.  It's fun to have him at the table with us, and I'm hoping it will lead to him being interested in some of our food.  I don't know why, but I'm excited for him to start trying "real" food.  Haha.

First time in his new seat.

Easter was fun this year.  It came on the 28th and we decided that we HAD to color eggs since it was Logan's first Easter.  Honestly, he just sat there and watched Dallin and I dye the eggs, but he did get to hold one. Haha.  Dustin and Melynn stopped by to see us which was lovely.  We visited with them for a bit and then headed to my parents house.  They had invited us down for Easter supper.  It was a lovely day.  This year we didn't have a chance to do our annual Stoddard Easter Egg Hunt, so we may be doing that in the summer this time.  It's a little harder with all the babies and colder temps.  Plus, not everyone could make it the weekend of Easter.  I am looking forward to it though!  It's always a blast!

Ready for some egg dying fun!

The set up...

Our finished product

He wasn't too sure at first haha 
But then he got it :)

His Easter outfit! So cute!

We tried to match :)

March had a bit of madness (not the basketball kind), and lots of fun!  :)

                         **Some pics of Dallin and I since mostly you see Logan haha.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Four Months

This is a super late post.  I apologize!  But...Logan is 4 months old!  Woo!  He just keeps getting cuter and cuter.  I love it.  There were several "firsts" this month!  And lots of new adventures for us coming up!

So excited to be 4 months! :)

On March 16th, he gave me his first REAL giggle.  Yep!  A real giggle!  He still doesn't giggle all of the time, but he is starting to more often and it just makes me so happy!  I have a couple terrible quality videos, but I won't post one until I get a good laugh and a less crappy video. Haha.  Logan is also suuuuper smiley.  Like all of the time.  I can't even believe how happy he is.  Ever since he was a wee babe we called him our "happy" boy and it has definitely stayed true.  It is also amazing to me how quickly he can go from crying to smiling.  Haha.  I guess that's babies/kids for you, eh? ;)

Out on our first walk.  He loved it.

Always blowing bubbles.

Talking with Grandpa Wood.

Spitting and babbling are two of his favorite things.  He has started to babble before he falls asleep or when he wakes up and is hanging out in his crib.  And I think he uses spitting as a way of communicating with me haha.  I will say something to him and he will flap his little arms and kick his legs and spit.  I love it.  Even though we go through several outfits a day thanks to his drool... :)    

Cutest boys alive!

*heart melting*

He makes the best faces haha.

That nose is in the way of his thumb sucking!

Logan is ALWAYS eating his hands or gnawing on some part of his arm, whether it is his fist, wrist or forearm.  Seriously, always.  He has also begun to put other things into his mouth.  My favorite thing to watch is him trying to get his green ball into his mouth. (See pic below...)  He mostly just sticks his tongue through the holes and it's so funny!  He also enjoys sucking on fabric.  Things like my shirt, his bib, a burpcloth, his shirt, etc etc.  I believe I mentioned this last month, but it's getting more intense because he is more coordinated at bringing things to his mouth.  Haha.

Getting pretty good with his hands!


Yummy wrist ;)

Mirrors have become a great tummy time distraction!  He loves to look at himself.  Who can blame him?  I mean, he's adorable.  If I looked like that, I'd smile and stare at myself in the mirror too. ;)  I think he prefers actual mirrors, but the selfie mode on my phone will also do the trick.  Ps...he also has a 6th sense in regards to my phone.  He always wants to look at it, and I swear he knows the second I pull it out.  I'm going to have to watch my phone time so he doesn't get any ideas about needing to be on it as he gets older.  (Right, Carissa? hehe)

Sorry it's a tad blurry.

Admiring himself
 Speaking of phones, we got a little carried away with the snapchat filters...haha

I hate being sick.  Luckily, both Dallin and I hardly ever get really sick.  Perhaps a cold here and there, but nothing too crazy.  Well, Logan got sick this month and it was the most heartbreaking thing in my life!  My mom mentioned to me that I may have a rough time if I get that upset over every little thing, and she's right.  Motherhood is going to challenge me!  I am so emotional and hypersensitive perhaps, to basically everything.  Hopefully I have all angel children, right? Ha ha.  Anywho, back to Logan.  It really was so sad.  It only lasted a couple of weeks, but he would just cough and cough and then gag and puke.  Plus he was a little grumpy and didn't sleep well, and his appetite went down which led to a little weight loss.  So sad.  I don't want to go through that again.  I know I will.  And now we can say we survived the first one, so hopefully next time we don't feel the need to spend $100 to have a doctor tell us he's just fine.  Haha.

In his new seat!

First play date with Marshall.

Playing Xbox with Daddy.

When Logan was two months old, I told the doctor that I was concerned about a flat spot on the back of his head.  She showed me a little stretch I could do with him and then told me to prop him onto his side when he would take naps.  She seemed pretty chill about it and so I didn't stress too much about it.  I was not very diligent about doing anything and it was a real struggle because that kid loves to look to the left.  Since then, we decided to switch doctors and when we went to this new doctor, he acted like it was a big deal and sent us to a therapist right away.  I guess part of me is mad that the first doctor didn't do this two months ago, and the other part is mad at myself for not taking it more seriously.  His flat spot really is quite bad.  So on March 31st we had our first appointment at Primary Children's Rehab with a physical therapist so she could evaluate Logan and we could start working to correct the problem.  We will continue to go to appointments for two months, and if we reach our goals then Logan won't need to get a helmet.  Please bless!  I want to give some more details, but I will do separate posts on his therapy.  Something to look forward to. ;)

Waiting at the therapist office.

Logan rolled from his stomach to his back for the first time on March 31st as well.  He hasn't done it since, but he definitely wants to start rolling!  He's always arching his back like he's about to roll, but then doesn't.  Soon I'm sure he'll be rolling all over the place!

So so happy.

Getting close to rolling all over!

At Logan's 4 month doctor's appointment, he was 26" long (90th percentile) and just over 14lbs (25th percentile).  He is super tall and for some reason he has stopped gaining weight.  The doctor wants us to start supplementing to get his weight gain back on track.  We need to take him in every 2-3 weeks to have him weighed to make sure he is gaining.  I have more to say on that...but at another time.  He is officially in 6 month clothes and can wear some 9 month things!  He's a healthy, happy, and adorable little baby!