Monday, February 22, 2016


Yesterday was Dallin's cousin Savannah's farewell.  We had to be out pretty early and were gone all morning and into the afternoon.  It was so fun to see everyone and Savannah did so well on her talk!  Logan is awesome and handles being out like a champ, but usually the next day (today) we have to recuperate.  Haha.  I love that eveyone gets to hold him and play with him, but I think sometimes it's a lot for a little babe to take in.  Overstimulation, perhaps.  So, naturally he needs a day off. ;)

Last night was a bit rough for me.  Logan has been sleeping through the night for about a week now and it has been oh so glorious!  Due to the lack of napping and thrown off schedule yesterday, Logan woke up twice last night.  Wowza.  I didn't even realize just how awesome it had been until I had to roll myself out of bed at 2 this morning,  And then again at 5:30 and then our official "up" time at 8.  Sheesh I am pooped. 

Ok, so back to recuperating...

I think I really love that he needs to recuperate, because...he gets soooo cuddly!  It can be hard because he doesn't want to go down for a nap or be left alone for a split second, but I love that he needs me.  He wants me to hold him and cuddle him because that is where he is comfortable and happy; in my arms.  It's the most tender thing to be needed and loved by someone so sweet and perfect.  I walked around the house with him in my arms, ate some food with him on my lap and then he fell asleep on my shoulder.  Here I am holding my sleeping babe thinking how great my life and family is.  So we can both be pooped and both enjoy a day off.

 Snuggles will be on repeat, all day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

special special day

February 7th, 2016 was Logan's Blessing Day, and boy was it special.

Dallin has a gift.  He gives some of the most wonderful blessings I have ever heard.  He takes them very seriously and takes his time so that the Spirit can guide his words.  I knew that this blessing would be special.  Dallin even mentioned to me how he wanted to think about the strengths and gifts that he already could see in Logan and how we wanted the blessing to be specific to him.  Isn't he amazing??  I love that man.  I am so grateful that he is worthy of the Priesthood and that he was able to bless our sweet baby.

The blessing itself was beautiful.  It was simple and specific to Logan.  Just how Dallin and I imagined.  He blessed Logan to know that God loves him, that he would discover his purpose for coming to earth at this time.  Dallin blessed him that his heart would be open to the Spirit and that he would continue to explore the curiosity he's already been blessed with, and that he would be a light and strength to those around him.  I'm not going to lie, I got real teary.  I was not expecting to be so emotional, but I was.  Really though, how could I not be?  I have the greatest little family!

I also have the greatest extended and immediate families!  We displaced a good portion of the ward on Sunday because of all the family that came to support us!  It is wonderful that we have such incredible people in our lives!

After the meeting we invited everyone over to our home for a brunch.  Even though it was a bit rough to seat 50+ people in our home, it turned out perfect.  I had lots and lots of helpers with food and drinks which made the whole thing possible!  We had breakfast casseroles and fruit and muffins and it just turned out splendid.  It was so great that we will probably just have to keep hosting fun things here! ;)

It really was a special day for our family and I couldn't have imagined it going any better.

Wilding sisters

The brobot and I

Meeting Great Grandma Yancey for the first time

Grandma and Grandpa Stoddard

Grandma and Grandpa Wood

Cute cute boy!

I couldn't decide which one I liked more, so you get to see both :)


I finally got myself a YouTube channel so that I can upload videos to the blog.  Naturally, I need to post all the ones I wanted to before but couldn't.'re welcome.

Smiling at Daddy

Finally caught the sneeze sound!

He loved this game for a while ;)

Meeting Cannon

I would blow on him and he did this cute thing...

Getting so strong :)

January Shenanigans.

Seeing as February is upon us (and has been for almost two weeks...) I decided to post a bit about some adventures we had in January.  Really, there isn't much.  I quite enjoy my new hermit lifestyle where I stay in all day and hang out with Logan haha.  That being said, we did indeed go out and see the world a few times.

New Year's Day was Logan's first real outing.  Every year the Deppe Clan goes bowling to start the New Year right with some good fun and family!  I was not yet cleared for physical activity, so I just put Logan in the carrier and visited/watched which was still quite fun.  Honestly, I was super freaked out at the germ factory that resides in bowling alleys, so it soothed my nerves to have him on me.  I mean, those bowling balls...ew.  Touching them and then touching the baby needed to not happen.  Haha.  We went to Kevin and Rosemarie's for pizza and then I felt much more comfortable.  Lots of the family were meeting him for the first time and they got to hold him and what not.  It was great.  I love that tradition.

Our super awesome bowling shirts!!

Dallin and I went on our first date with Logy Bear.  That was pretty fun.  We wanted to go to a movie, but we didn't have baby headphones and I just couldn't make myself take him to a super loud movie without any protection for his little ears.  We settled on dinner.  My parents got us a "date night package" for Christmas, so we used the giftcard they got us for Goodwood BBQ.  Seriously...they have such. good. food.  Huge portions, southern style BBQ, the works.  Logan was his normal amazing self and just slept while Dallin and I stuffed our faces, and laughed, and all of those good things.  Now that I'm writing this, I think another date night may be in order!

My little niece Vienna turned 2 on January 12th, and they had a birthday party for her at the Living Planet Aquarium in Draper.  I had never been, so I decided to take Logan down for another adventure.  (Dallin had to stay home and do homework.)  It was pretty cool.  I think it's probably over priced...well not probably, it is, but it was still cool.  I loved the penguins.  They were super active when we were there.  They were swimming so fast and jumping in and out of the water.  It was so cool to watch them!  My dad insisted on carrying Logan in the carrier so I got to just sort of explore and take it all in.  I think the little man will enjoy it much more when he gets older and actually wants to see everything.  This time he just slept haha.  He did get an awesome penguin souvenir though, so that's cool. :)

She loved the minion from Kathryn and I!

He quite enjoyed baby carrying :)

Playing "leap frog" haha

Sleepy boy

His penguin souvenir!

Meeting Cannon for the first time was also a fun thing for Logan this month.  I am not really sure how he felt about it.  Haha.  I think he was a little shocked and slightly confused, but I think in time he will come to love dogs!

Oh!  Logan and I started back to church this month as well.  Some people thought I was crazy for taking a one month old baby to church, but I missed it.  I wanted to go back and I think Heavenly Father helped to protect him so that we both could feel the spirit of Sunday meetings.  It has been so nice!

Basically that was our month.  A pretty good way to start the year, in my opinion!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Two Months

Ahhhh!!  My little baby is two months old!  How is this even possible?  Geez.  Seriously time is going by so fast.  It's all good though because I love watching this little one grow and learn.  It makes me real excited about the coming months and years to see all the fun things that he does!  And this month has been a good one!

My boys! 

First bath at Grammy Stoddard's

Logan has made quite the progress this month!  On January 14, Logan gave me his first real smile!  Where he looked right at me and smiled when I was smiling at him.  I about died!  Haha.  It was thee cutest thing ever!  And he still continues to smile lots at me and I've noticed that he is starting to smile at other people as well.  It is so fun.

Meeting Whitney.

He is starting to be quite vocal these days!  Definitely finding his voice.  Haha.  He will for sure let me know if something is not making him happy or if he needs something.  And on the other side of the vocal-ness, he has started to make thee cutest cooing sounds!!  Oh my.  So precious.  He is starting to understand the two-way conversation bit and will respond and listen accordingly.  Obviously he has not perfected it, but it's still fun!  I also think that giggles may be coming soon.  In his sleep he has started to make little giggle sounds and just over the past week or so he will do these sort of half giggles when we are talking.  I can't wait for the real ones!

His cheeks!!

Staring at Daddy ;)

Every day his neck and back get stronger and stronger!  He is getting really good at holding his head up, especially during tummy time.  When he is being held, he still is a bit of a bobble head, and unfortunately he has hit both mine and Dallin's collar bone with his forehead.  Oops!  It's so sad!  He is improving though!  I think that pretty soon he will be able to hold it up for reals.  He has also got quite the grip!  Lately he's been grabbing just about anything that touches his hand.  That includes my hair and any skin on my neck he can get.  Haha.  He will also grab blankets and sheets and sometimes if I am sitting in bed while I'm burping him, he will try and try to grab the pillow behind me. :)  We need to be a little more careful now about what we put around him!

So strong!

Meeting Cannon

Last month he started to be a tad bit cuddly, but now he will actually snuggle up a bit.  Wrap his arms around you and put his head on your shoulder, all those good things.  I hope he continues to be a little cuddle bug!

All that chub is too precious!

Loves that window

He is starting to like his bouncer chair and the swing nowadays.  That has been so lovely because he is quite content to look around at things and not be entertained every second by me.  I can just put him in the chair and he will watch me make supper or do the dishes or even just look around.  I have started singing to him a lot more when we do things like that and I think he likes it.  At least I hope he does...

A few things that Logan loves right now are:

-Staring at his Daddy.
-Sticking out his tongue
-When Mama touches his nose
-Sucking his left hand (All. The. Time. I've basically given up trying to prevent that. Haha)
-Bath time
-Bright lights

A few things that Logan doesn't love right now are:

-Getting dressed
-Going to sleep
-When he gets the hiccups
-Looking to the right (Not sure what it is, but he always wants to look left haha)

At Logan's 2 month appointment he weighed in at 13lbs 7oz and is now 23.6 inches long.  He's hitting at about the 90th percentile in weight and height and he's in the 97th percentile for head circumference.  He's got a big head to hold his incredibly smart brain! ;)

And here are just some more random pics that we took for his two month birthday :)

We love our little man!