Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1 Year of Bliss

Yes.  That is correct.  We have just celebrated our first anniversary.  Well...we did on the 15th of August.  Our first year of marriage has been quite wonderful.  Not much to really report on.  I'm in school and working.  Dallin is in school and working.  A bit boring, but a lot stressful.  We were very worried about not having time to do anything for our anniversary.  Somehow, we lucked out and were able to plan a little 3-day weekend camping trip.  It was simply glorious!  The mountains work wonders in one's life.  Dallin and I were sooooo excited to try out our sweet camping gear.  (We just want to give a HUGE shout out to Carissa and Tanner for all of the awesome stuff they gave us for our wedding.  We loved all of it and used it all!  We are basically set for our camping for forever haha.  Also, a big shout out to my legit parentals who supplied us with the "tent to rule all tents!"  Our springbar tent is literally the greatest thing ever.  I bet we could have spent the whole time in the tent and just enjoyed it! So thank you again!)  :)  

For this trip we just went up Little Cottonwood Canyon, to a family a favorite, Tanner's Flat.  It was perfect.  The weather had been crazy all week, but for the weekend the rain had stopped, the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect.  The campsite we were in was cute and cozy, up in a little wooded area.  We were a bit secluded from the rest of the campground which was also nice.  Basically, we just had a real good time.  

Packed and ready to rock and roll!

I was feeling pretty cool about our  name on the sign :)

Our perfect tent in the perfect surroundings.

He is such an excellent eagle scout :)

Hobo dinners are a must!

Shmore's for days.

We did a wonderful quick hike up to Cecret Lake.

Beatimus scenery around us!

Too precious not to share ;)

I had to share this because I burned the crap out of my finger.  It was pretty legit.

Just after we had our camp all packed up.

We loved our camping trip!  Both of us would agree that we can't wait for the many more we will get to go on!  Yay for camping!  And for anniversaries! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reception Pictures

Just a few more of the reception...

Sealing the Deal...

Dallin and I were married August 15, 2013 in the Salt Lake Temple.  I was the second bride to be married that day and it was just so peaceful and wonderful.  We visited together in the Celestial Room, waiting for our turn, and I remember just pacing around the room.  I was too excited to sit!  Our sealing was perfect.  We had a lovely man who was funny, but not too distracting.  I remember the room being filled with everyone that we loved most.  It was such an awesome experience.  Afterwards, it almost didn't seem real.  (Even to this day, I will wig out occasionally because we are ACTUALLY married!  Like, for real. Haha)  It was a special experience though, and I am so glad that we went to the temple together and were sealed.  I love Dallin with all my heart and soul!  I couldn't be happier with my choice of a mate! ;)

After the sealing it was a perfect summer's day!  We were married earlier in the morning before the temperature was ridiculous.  Our reception was held at the Wight House in Bountiful.  It was simply beautiful!  I loved how everything turned out!  I am pretty sure I did not stop smiling the whole night.  We were overwhelmed by the love and support of everyone who came to see us.  It was such a great night!  Definitely one I will always remember.

You may now feast your eyes on a few of my favorite pics.  And I'm not sorry that there are so many...haha.

Husband and Wife!

Love my Mom
My Pop

Silly siblings.



Cousins :)

Mother and son.
My BFF Jessica

Oh baby!!
... :)

In the moment.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Dating: A Time to Become Best Friends

On July 1, 2012 Dallin asked me to be his girlfriend.  So we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend AND he kissed me that day for the first time.  It was a good day. :) :)

Overall, we had a lot of fun dating.  We did all kinds of fun things: hiking, the State Fair, movies, concerts, Festival of Trees, Temple Square, and much more! Of course there were several ups and downs, but we learned so much about each other and from each other.  While in the moment we may have wished for some things to be different, but in hindsight, we are so grateful for what we went through.  We both would agree that we would not be as happy as we are now or as close to each other if we hadn't gone through those trials and experiences.

It didn't take long for us to decide we wanted to get married.  Dallin proposed on September 28, 2012.  Sorry ladies...he takes the crown on this proposal.  Haha.  He woke me up super early, took me to Park City, got us some McD's breakfast and surprised me with a hot air balloon ride!  When we reached the highest point of our journey (1500ft.), he had everyone "sing happy birthday to me," but really he was just throwing me off his scent.  He had been shaking the whole time, so I knew something was up.  Once everyone had stopped singing, he knelt down, pulled the ring out, and asked me to marry him.  I was so excited that I remember grabbing the ring myself and he had to take it from me so he could put it on my finger! Haha :)  I said yes and everyone was clapping and congratulating us.  It was a great day.  We got some fresh peaches afterward and then took a well-needed nap.

We continued to date and plan the wedding.  After a bit of strife we finally picked a day.  We were to be married August 15, 2013 in the Salt Lake Temple.

The Mish

Dallin left for his mission on May 26, 2010.  I was sad to see him go, but also quite excited to write him!  We would both agree that during his mission we both grew by leaps and bounds.  Dallin learning so much about the Gospel, putting his trust in the Lord, and listening to the Spirit. (Among other things.)  I learned to rely on the Lord and I began to understand and know just how much I loved the Gospel and how grateful I was for it.  It really was just a great time in both of our lives.

At his farewell.
And his homecoming.

Over the two years we wrote and sent packages and pictures.  It was so much fun!  I literally would read every letter I got to just about everyone in my family because I LOVED getting mail from him!  I can honestly say that I grew to love him more through our correspondence.  And he...well he was focused on his mission.  Haha.  I do know that he thought of me often!  And his companions knew who I was ;)

Dallin with the Campos family!

With a birthday package from Dallin. (He sent lots of "hugs!")

Dallin returned on May 30, 2012.  I saw him that night.  It was crazy!  I had had butterflies in my stomach all day long!  Just waiting to hear from him was traumatic! Haha.  We got to spend some time together that night and then the journey began!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Once Upon A Time...

Since my lovely brobot-in-law pointed out that we can't state that we have started a blog and then post something lame...I have decided to write a real post.  In honor of you, Tanner. :)

I thought it was only natural to start with our beginning...

Dallin and I met in January of 2010.  (So long ago...I know.)  It all started with a pair of galoshes I was wearing one winter day (see pic below).  He noticed me getting off of the Weber State shuttle and thought to himself, "I need to meet that girl.  She's cute."

It turns out we were actually in the same LDS singles ward.  We went to a Jazz game for an activity and he and his friend John hung out with my best friend Jessica and I.  It was quite fun, but apparently I fell asleep at the game and was not very social.  Whoops.  Anywho...I wasn't interested in Dallin.  I had a boyfriend and just wasn't looking for anything else.  It didn't take long for that to wear off.  Dallin is basically the greatest thing ever to happen to this world and I am still amazed he wasn't snatched up before I came along.  So I fell for him.  And I fell pretty hard.  So much so that I basically ended things with my current boyfriend so that I wouldn't feel guilty liking Dallin. :)

Jessica, Dallin and I became the three amigos for the next 4 months before Dallin left to serve his mission.  We had a grand time! We seemed to always be together.  Usually, Dallin and I would stay up talking into the wee hours of the morning whenever we hung out.  We had some of the best chats ever.  We all went on adventures, played volleyball in the sand court, decorated shoes, etc etc.

Here are a few pictures of some of those fun things we did:

But this was only the beginning!  

To be continued....