Monday, May 2, 2016

Five Months

Holy Moly.  I'm back dating this by basically a month.  I've been a slacker factory over here.  At least I'm getting to it I right?  Haha.

So 5 months!  Where has the time gone!  Because I didn't post this when he actually turned 5 months, it will probably not be so descriptive as I've forgotten some things and he is doing so many new things now as well.  I will share lots of good pics though. :)

Playing with cousin Greta.

At a PT appointment

He LOVES to be outside!

Logan has started to use his hands so much more!  He began transferring objects between hands this month and it is so cool to watch him play with toys now.  Everything is a great discovery!  He has also begun to clasp his hands.  It really is the cutest!  Just sits and holds his hands all proper like.

That smile makes my whole world!

Every month I think I say that I feel like teeth are coming and every month, they don't.  Haha.  Gnawing has been a big thing this month.  All things go to the mouth.  His favorite to gnaw is his fist.  The whole thing.  I must say he is quite good at getting it all into his little mouth!

He continues to keep finding his voice and discovering new sounds he can make.  He loves to talk and is starting to squeal.  It's so funny.  I like to squeal back at him and then we have this whole squeal conversation.  Sometimes in the morning I think he kind of forgets how to, but when I start to squeal and squawk at him he picks it right up and plays along.

So much to see when we face out! 
He's getting so big!
I wish I could remember more details of his fifth month of life, but sadly, my mind is on the sixth.  He is still a wonderful happy baby.  He weighed in at 15.5 lbs and is 27" long.  Growing well and developing just like he should!  We love our Logy Bear!

I forgot, this month, spitting was the big thing. :)

And here are just some random pics from the month!

Precious precious babe!

Our little family!

We got to play with Marshall one day.

Walks are the best.

Mesmerized by Dad's Minecraft game haha.

We got some new sunnies!

He makes them look good ;)

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